We repair and Service all Models of Honor Smartphone, Currently there is no Honor Service Center in St.Thomasmount, for St.Thomasmount area we do have to pick up and delivery options, Our nearest Honor Service Centre from St.Thomasmount is our Alwarthirunagar Branch, you can Visit or opt our Pick up and delivery option. Give us a call and we will send our Executive to pick up your Honor Smartphone. We are also one of the leading Mobile Service Center in Chennai.

Pick up service for St.Thomasmount is free, Charges applied in a very few scenarios, where the customer place is very far from our Honor Service Center in Velachery or Alwarthirunagar. In many cases we deliver the phone on the same day, completely depends upon the service required. Call us today and Repair your Honor Smartphone. Customers can reach us by searching Honor Service Center in Chennai or Honor Service Center near me.


 Any Repair like Honor display replacement, Honor Mobile Battery Replacement, Honor Mobile Software issue, Honor Mobile Charging fault can be repaired in no time. Our Service includes Screen Replacement, Touch Glass replacement, Battery Replacement, Charging Port Replacement and much more. 

Why wait? Call us today for any Honor mobile repair, We make sure our team satisfies you with our Service. Some of the basic tips are mentioned here. Customers can follow these tips to

Basic Information About Honor Smartphone.

*Never Charge your phone overnight.

*Do not try to Switch On the Waterlogged phone.

*Do not try to Open the phone by yourself.

*Do not use your Honor Smartphone while charging.

*If the battery has bulged, Stop using your Mobile and drop the phone to nearby Honor Service Centre.

*Advisable to use headphones for the call.

*Use Wifi Compared to Mobile data,  which will increase the usage of Battery life. 

*Keep your Phone Display Brightness at a moderate level for more Battery Usage.

*For fast Charging keep your Mobile in the Aeroplane mode.  

*Close all the Apps after using it, for better Battery Performances. 

*Regular System Updates can be helpful for the better performance of your Honor Smartphone.



Old No 73, New No 218,
Velachery Main Road,
First Floor (near dandeeswaram)
Chennai 600042.

Tel : 9940374803